Eat mounds of crawfish with your classmates, attend a lecture without an exam, cheer on the Green Wave in your hometown, or wear your PJs while boosting your networking skills on a webinar. Attending an event is an easy way to connect with fellow Tulanians of all generations and share that EverGreen spirit!

Tulane Clubs

With over 60 active clubs around the world, the Tulane Alumni Association hosts hundreds of regional events each year. Whether you’re new to an area or have been a long-time resident, it’s never too late to start attending our regional events.

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Online Offerings & Alumni Career Services

We want to accommodate your busy schedule and give you opportunities to attend events from the comfort of your home. We offer webinars throughout the year.

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Alumni Travel

Explore the world, discover new places, and travel in the company of alumni, parents and friends of Tulane University. Dozens of unforgettable adventures are at your fingertips.

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Homecoming & Reunions

Save the date for WAVE '18.
Join Tulane students, alumni, family, friends, and fans in New Orleans!

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